Frank, our farm dog

Frank is a 6 year old black lab who specializes in barking at the horses, keeping the chickens in line, and staying far away from the electric fences. He is extremely friendly, especially around children and other dogs.

Four brown horses

Shire Horses

June Farms is proud to continue the age-old tradition of working our farm with draft horses. Known as “Gentle Giants”, Shire Horses are the largest breed of horses, and are known for their sweet dispositions and their ability to pull heavy carts and logs from the woods.


Scottish Highland Cattle

One of the highlights of the farm tour on June Farms is our beautiful Highland Cattle. With their long hair, large horns and curious personalities, Highland Cattle are a heritage breed originating from the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland.

June Farms Pigs


Continuing the tradition of raising heritage breeds, June Farms raises 2 types of heritage breed pigs, Tamworth pigs and Gloucestershire Old Spots. The friendliest of all the animals, the pigs are happy eating fresh grass, lying in mud puddles, and chasing each other around. The pigs are the friendliest animals on the farm, and you will be surprised at how large they are in person.



We raise two types of heritage breed chickens on June Farms: egg layers and meat birds. Throughout spring and fall, we have up to 200 chickens running around our 120 acres. You will love learning their different personalities, and seeing the many colored eggs our happy, free range chickens give us every morning.



The ducks are the comedians on our farm. They are goofy, and clumsy and loud, and you will love them. We raise three types of duck breeds for their eggs: Cayuga ducks, Orpington ducks, and Pekin ducks.

Small brown goat


Our miniature Nubian goats are just the comic relief you need. Friendly, talkative, curious, JUMPY… you will love our little goats. Sign up for our famous Goat Yoga class on Tuesday nights!


Barn Cats

Two of the friendliest animals on the farm are our barn cats, Ginger & Roger.  You might spy them hunting for mice, sleeping in the sun, or greeting guests in The Pony Barn.