Our Farm to Cocktail Tours begin Spring 2018

Thursday, Friday and Saturdays at 6pm, we offer “Farm to Cocktail Tours” at June Farms:

Each “Farm to Cocktail Tour” will introduce you to our giant Shire horses, long horned Scottish cattle, huge heritage pigs, curious chickens, and our goofy ducks. You will learn how we rotate our animals on pasture, and give you an inside look at how much fun it is to work on a small gentleman’s farm.

The Farm To Cocktail Tour will end in our beautiful Pony Barn lounge, where you will receive:

  • Open Bar beer and wine tasting for 2 hours.
  • One complimentary wood fired pizza at our rustic pizza bar.

The Farm Tour, like farming, will take place rain or shine! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes & clothing, and a farm vehicle is available for elderly friends or family members.  Please let us know in advance for these accommodations.

If you would like to schedule a private farm tour for yourself, or with a large group of children, please reach out to Matt at   Private tours are $250 for a 2 hour, guided tour, plus tax & gratuity.

To reserve a Farm Tour, please email or call Matt at (518) 888-2988 for reservations.

Be sure to include your phone number, preferred date/time, type of tour, and size of your group when contacting us.

Farm to Cocktail Tour
  • Starts at 6pm
  • $60/person
  • Complimentary wood fired pizza
  • Open Bar after the tour featuring our craft beers and wines
  • Rain or shine
  • Must be age 21 or older.